Closed Airspace

RyanAir website announced cancelled flights again today, after a few closures yesterday as well. Closed or restricted airspace today are that of Portugal, Spain and Canarian Islands. Yesterday , I was at the airport at Skavsta waiting for my flight back home when they announced cancellation of Dublin flights. Airspace was closed for Ireland, Portugal and the Canary Islands yesterday.

I’m trying to decide where my next destination will be, and was loosely thinking about Barcelona, but the way things are going with these volcanic ash disruptions, it is difficult to make a decision. It’s like a flight roulette. I dodged the bullet yesterday, although I was getting pretty worried up until the time I boarded for my flight. I must admit, sitting there at the gate in Skavsta, I was already planning for my blue-hour shoot for last night should I get held up one more day in Stockholm. At the same time, I was praying that that won’t happen. Stockholm is an expensive place to be, hotel-wise. I really did not want to spend more money on that city.

Candidate cities for next destination are Barcelona, Oslo, Copenhagen, Rome, or whatever city that doesn’t fall into the jetstream of this volcanic ash. But that’s realy hard to tell.


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