Next Destination: Copenhagen

I booked my flight last night to Copenhagen. I’ve been going back and forth with RyanAir’s destinations from Hahn, but there are really not much locations left that I have not been to. There are places I would like to go back to but they can wait later. Barcelona has always been in the back of my mind as I have never been there yet, but I haven’t been convinced with the pictures I’ve seen so far.

So I decided to take a peek at EasyJet’s website and checked which cities fly out of Berlin. I don’t mind going back to Berlin; my stock photos of the Brandenburg Gate have so far been selling, and it wouldn’t hurt to take more photos of it. I found out that Copenhagen was among those cities flying out of Berlin. Since I’ve just been to Stockholm, it would be nice to follow that up with another Scandinavian trip.

Before I booked the flight, I did a little bit of research to find out if there are any events/festivals/demonstrations that might otherwise ruin the trip for me. There was no such thing; however, I found out that Copenhagen’s most famous landmark The Little Mermaid is not in her perch right now. She is currently attending an EXPO in Shanghai which will run from May until end of October. So she is not in Copenhagen right now, can you believe that? It is in fact the first time that this famous statue left Denmark since she was installed in 1913. In her place at Copenhagen’s Langelinie pier, a video installation is set up to show her journey to Shanghai. They are doing this “so tourists visiting the waterfront of Copenhagen won’t be disappointed.” I found that so funny. Just imagine taking out the Mona Lisa from the Louvre, David from Florence, or the Statue of Liberty from New York and replace those with a video. I’m not sure the tourists will be happy about that.

Having known this before I booked my flight, I gave it a thought for a few seconds and still decided to give it a go. I was pretty sure there were more attractions in Copenhagen than just this petite icon which measures only a little more than a meter high. The equally famous Nyhavn harbour looks interesting and all the water around it is a big selling point for me. Doing a quick browse in Google Maps also showed me that the city looked compact and easily doable in just a couple of days, which is really all I need.

I also got travel insurance for this leg of my flight, and not for my Berlin trip. I figure, should the need arise, it’s easier to get abck home from Berlin than it is from Copenhagen.

We’ll see how this trip pans out: RyanAir to Berlin and “connecting” to Copenhagen via Easyjet. I’m sure it’s been done before with these budget airlines. Now, if any of that ash cloud decides to go either way, I’m definitely screwed. But I’m optimistic.


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