CS4 – Getting a New Software

I just ordered my Photoshop CS4 software today. I currently have a CS2 which I use on a PC. I’m proud to say that I bought it off Ebay for a cheap $70 and has not failed me since. I have, for a long time, been using a dinosaur version of Photoshop 5.5 during my pre-photography days and would not have abandoned it if only it reads my RAW files. I am not one of those who has to have the newest version of everything; I simply do not understand why if there’s nothing wrong with the one you have right now. Now, if the newest version is completely different from the one you own and will serve you a hundred times better, then I understand.

I am only ‘upgrading’ to a CS4 now because I am planning on getting a new computer, and in fact, would have had it by now if the store has not ran out of it. I had been contemplating between the 27-inch iMac or the newest 17-inch MacBook Pro with faster processor. It was a tough decision. The 27-inch desktop looks really nice and big and would be great for image processing. However, to serve my needs especially in the next few months when travel is imminent, a laptop would be very convenient. Not that I am traveling with it on a RyanAir flight, that would take half of my luggage allowance. I’m more talking about substantial travel where I can bring everything and the kitchen sink with me.

Anyway, I ordered the cheapest CS4 that I could find which was a little less than $400 – a big leap from my $70 CS2. I also plan on getting an upgrade from there to a CS5 – yes, Virginia, there is a CS5! I figure it will still be a little cheaper that way then getting a full version of CS5 outright which at Amazon retails for $660, when an upgrade is only $189. I am not sure what bells and whistles this new CS offers that the previous doesn’t, but since I’m upgrading, I thought I’d upgrade to the newest version, and be done with it, so help me God.


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