That Bright Yellow Thing

My Dashboard

I just wanted to show off my dashboard and the clutter I have on it. We have been getting unbelievably awful and unpredictable weather here in Germany that I sometimes forget what the sun looks like. I looked at my dashboard today and thought to myself, “What are those bright yellow things?!”

What sort of widgets would one find in my dashboard?

1. Weather – This is obvious. I usually keep at least 6 different places in there but I’ve had 8 at one time. At the topmost left of my weather widget is my current location’s weather (I’ve cloned out the city for my safety) and the rest are cities I just visited, am visiting soon, or thinking of visiting sometime. Right now, it has Copenhagen, Dresden, Stockholm, Berlin, and Zürich.

2. Clock – It wouldn’t hurt to know what time it is in different time zones. I have Manila, Washington D.C., Munich, and London.

3. Currency Converter – This is very helpful especially when I’m booking hotels. For example, in Denmark where I’m visiting soon, they use Danish Krone (DKK), while in Stockholm where I was just in, uses Swedish Krona (SEK).

4. Language Translator – I sometimes get comments on my Flickr stream that are written in different languages, and it’s easy to just copy and paste onto this translator. I am curious to know if there are any bad words said; one cannot assume that they’re all good comments.

5. Sticky Notes – I have such a bad memory, so it helps to have these notes around with one click of a button. They’re mostly photography and travel-related notes , like for instance (a) a quick way to remove chromatic aberration in your images, (b) a time formula when taking long exposures with an ND 110 filter, (c) a few CSS scripts for my website, and (d) names of difficult-to-pronounce streets in my next destination that I need to look up later on.

6. Calculator – I was never good at math, so it comes in handy.

I think computer dashboards or desktop tells a lot about the person who uses it. What do you have on yours?


7 responses

  1. Yen, welcome to the blogging community. I kept a travel blog last summer so that my husband could keep up with my daughter’s and my adventures since he wasn’t able to travel with us. He LOVED it. He said it made him feel as though he was there with us. And since I usually took my laptop with me, I could update it almost every night. However, I don’t’ think anyone except a couple of people have read mine, as I didn’t make it public.

    My dashboard is similar to yours: Currency converter, temperature for your city so I can know what my daughter’s weather is like, time in your part of the world, and sticky notes!

    Love your blog!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Susan! Always a pleasure to hear from you and glad to know we have so much in common. ‘Catch you later.

  2. Hi Yen!
    it’s me , judith from Ferrara Italy! I just wanted to say again and again how gorgeous your pics are. My God! they are a dream come true! this travel notebook is so interesting and and full of vivid anecdotes…. I read you are moving to England , great country for pictures. I hope you the best and good light in everything you do. Your shots are mere inspiration for any photographer. I created a new site, if you want drop by .Your comment would be appreciated in case you want to leave one.
    I will come back to your site soon to see where you are and what your are doing with that magical eye of yours!
    thanks again for your images!
    Good light,

  3. hi yen! i enjoyed reading your blog as much as i enjoyed watching your photos…(Nakakaaliw!)
    This is a new site i’m sure i’ll enjoy visiting over and over…

    God bless 🙂

    • Hello my friend, Analy! You’re so consistent and so sweet. It’s nice that you found me here. I hope I can entertain you with my stories to make your visit worthwhile.

      • hi yen!…Though i love reading fiction, i appreciate and enjoy it more when i’m reading autobiographies, biographies … those that are about real people experiencing the real world (although novels by Nicholas Sparks is an exception).. that’s why i enjoy reading your blogs!

        it’s so unselfish and kind of you to be sharing your experiences, and it gives a light feeling reading them and now i’m learning what goes behind every nice photograph you capture.

        now i don’t know what to visit first: your galleries or your blogs…

        Just the same, both sites are verrrrryyyyy entertaining,informative and i sometimes feel like i was travelling with the click of a mouse 🙂

        thanks for sharing your blogs…and suggestion for you, sana you also include a photo of you in these wonderful places you are visiting!

        God bless! 🙂


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