Moritzburg and Hannover

Schloss Moritzburg, taken yesterday late afternoon after a brief storm.

[…Gasthof Loshwitz, 8:11 a.m….]

I didn’t go for sunrise again today. Coming back at the hotel at midnight last night and having to wake up after only 3 hours of sleep would be tough, so I decided to skip a morning twilight shoot. I had visions of taking a blue hour shot of the Moritzburg castle while I lay in bed this morning and I wanted to kick myself in the rear for not going. I have a feeling twilight was nice this morning.

I was glad though that instead of doing night shoot at Moritzburg yesterday, it turned out to be another Dresden night. I enjoy the architecture here so much and seeing it at blue hour made me happy. Of course, shooting in Dresden didn’t come with any peace and quiet. There were so many tourists here, yesterday most especially, that I attracted a bunch of them everywhere I set that tripod down. They’d gather around looking behind my shoulders, trying to get as close as they could to have a peek at the LCD. Unfortunately, I am not very nice because I don’t give them the satisfaction. Every time I’m done with an exposure, I quickly tap the shutter so the image doesn’t stay long on the LCD screen, that way they don’t really see anything. I need to work on my social skills, I know.

I know when I’ve had enough picture of a place and I’m running out of composition when I start doing vertical shots. Vertical shots are not my thing and I seldom do it. I don’t think I have a good-enough tripod ballhead to handle the weight of my camera anyway, so that’s one of the reason why I seldom take vertical. But last night, shooting on the right bank of the Elbe, I ended the night with a couple of verticals, one being this one that I posted on Flickr. I actually got nice vertical reflections as well. There were some wind last night so the reflections weren’t mirror-like but straight lines. I was fine with that because I already have enough reflections from the other night’s shoot. No more getting soaked for me last night too. I stayed on the dry and freshly-mowed grass. They knew I was coming — they rolled out the green carpet for me. 🙂

The New Town Hall on the Masch Lake, on a nice Saturday afternoon.

[…Hotel Room, 11:34 p.m….]

It was three and a half hours drive from Dresden to Hannover. Hannover is said to be one of the 10 biggest cities of Germany but it did not seem that way to me when I got there.

I should have known better than having gone here on a  Saturday because that’s usually an event or festival day for any given city. Sure enough, the Neues Rathaus was packed with young folks, gathered around in little groups on the grass surrounding the Maschsee. I thought they would have dispersed by sunset but it only got worse. By that time, these folks have gotten drunk and are just acting strange and loud, throwing empty bottles on the lake and being obnoxious.

At 9:45 p.m., I was getting worried when there were still no signs of light on the structure. I did not have Plan B for tonight; everything was on the line for the Rathaus. The lights finally turned on just before 10 p.m. and although initially I was not pleased with the uneven lighting, the building showed nicer colors as the minutes passed. All my blue hour for tonight was dedicated to this location and I think I’m okay with the results.


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