Copenhagen – Day 2 – One In There Somewhere

[…☀ ☀…]

Hotel Room, 2:35 p.m.

It’s much better today as far as weather goes. The sun decided to be nice and made an appearance but that did not come without expense. The sun coming out means the tourists did too.

I took long exposures this morning with my ND 110 at Nyhavn. I figured that’s the only way I’d get rid of the tourists. I have yet to see how my pictures look on a bigger screen so I can’t say I did a good job.

I did my usual scouting around and walked to the places I already had in mind. I was not the least bit impressed though and had doubts as to whether they’d be nicely lit at dark so I’ve decided to stick to the ones I already know and pray that it will be a nicer evening.

I walked the length of Gothersgade road, stopping by at Rosenborg castle first where a lot of folks had been enjoying the nice day, and are either sitting on the benches or lying on the bare lawn catching the morning sun. It was a refreshing view for a change. The moat surrounding the palace was smaller than I thought it would be, and initially, I had planned on doing my evening shoot here, but realized I needed a wider lens for it which I don’t have. Also, I walked further down to Queen Louise Bridge and Nørrebrogade to survey the scene but that did not convince me. So I scrapped the whole idea of doing this for tonight’s shoot, and headed back down to the harbour.

That long walk under the hot sun was uncomfortable, but I felt it was my only option as I wanted to time my route, if ever I decide to shoot here. I thought I also needed the exercise as I was planning for a big bowl of Frutti di Mare for dinner and a taste of that Belgian waffle I’ve been salivating for since last night.

Meanwhile, for lunch, I tried some of that famous Danish pickled herring at the harbour. I had first ordered a fish fillet with potatoes, but changed my mind when I decided to make the most of this experience and have something distinctive of Denmark. That Danish I had for breakfast at the hotel, which I supposed they only refer to as “bread” around here, does not count.

As bored as I was from this whole experience, and while waiting for my herring, I played the role of nice tourist today and kept asking people if they want me to take their pictures. You know how it is — you see a group of friends or a family, posing in front of a famous location but one of them can’t be in that shot because he or she has to take that picture? Well, I came into the rescue and offered to do the job for them. You should have seen them beaming with delight when I popped the question. As far as I am concerned, they can bother me all they want with all the free time I have up until about 8 p.m. tonight.

Not for the faint of heart - Denmark's famous pickled herring. There are 3 different variations of it on my plate: marinated, cured, and in curry sauce, served with onions and green capers. I had it with a basket of rye bread and black coffee. Not to happen again.

[…One in There Somewhere…]

Hotel Room, 11:35 p.m.

After a photo shoot, I usually say to myself, “There’s one in there somewhere.”

I had some doubts tonight though. Instead of that usual phrase, I found myself saying, “I hope there’s one in there somewhere.” Never have I been  so uninspired taking photos. I believe it’s my first time to actually pack up even before blue hour was over. I was still walking under a nice blue hour light on my way back to the hotel tonight. It’s not that I lost interest but because I did not find any other location worth shooting.

At Nyhavn early tonight, I joined the crowd and sat at the harbour, my feet dangling off the edge, a cup of milk-free hot chocolate in my hand, while I stared at that famous Number 20 house on the other side. It’s one of those houses Copenhagen-native Hans Christian Anderson used to live.

People were just having their dinner; I already had my Frutti di Mare as I had planned, so I was just enjoying the early evening while waiting for my light. This harbour is a venue for tour cruises so every once in a while a boat would pass causing ripples across the canal, and with a nice wind blowing, all that ripples would spread out even more to the other side. I was not too pleased about that as I am a sucker for clear reflections. I was hoping for that during my shoot, and once in a while I would get some until a whiff of wind passes.That took a lot of patience out of me, not to mention, I had to be good at timing.

In general, this trip to Copenhagen has been uneventful, much to my dismay. I wished I had someone to talk to but most of the folks around today are groups coming in from a cruise and were all engaged in their own little conversations, talking about how gorgeous the day was, and how lucky they were not to have come in yesterday as they’ve heard it rained all day. Tell me about it.

The most conversation I had was from this afternoon when I had bought a Belgian waffle down the street at the harbour. I had ordered just a plain one with nothing on it.  The young lady behind the counter was all smiles, accommodating, and talkative.

She asked, “You don’t want ice cream on it?”

“No, that’s okay.” I said, and started perusing my wallet for some coins.

She insisted though. “At least some whipped cream, it’s reaaaally gooooood!”

I was almost tempted, but I said, “Sorry but I can’t take any milk product.”

“Oh really, why not?”

For lack of a more witty reply, I said, “It’s against my religion.”

She gave me that curious look, and I can tell what was coming. “What religion is that?”

I came up with something really quick, “I’m Moo-theran.”

She paused for a few seconds to think about that, and then burst out laughing.

I’m glad I made someone laugh today.

Remember when I mentioned about The Little Mermaid not being in her perch for several months? I went to see Langelinie Pier today where she usually hangs out. In her place, I found this live streaming video of her in Shanghai where she is currently at. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw it. I thought it was ridiculous!


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