iPad – Yet Another Way to Surf the Net (and Spend Money)

Looking at my stream on Flickr is partly to blame for my decision to get an iPad.

Today I join the ranks of those who are proud iPad owners. I wasn’t originally one of those who went gaga when the iPads first came out. But the past few weeks, I’ve been going back and forth to the store to check on the new 17-inch Macbook Pro, so much so that the sales clerk might as well call me by my first name. They have been out of stock here; the first shipment they got was a mere few units and that was gone in a heartbeat. They did get a new shipment 2 days ago but it was only for the 13 and 15-inch laptops.

Anyway, since I’ve been checking on the Macbook Pro, I thought I might as well check on the iPad. I was impressed at the graphics and I liked the way my pictures from Flickr looked. It surely seemed to be a nice way to view and present your portfolio. The unit is very light and portable and I can see myself taking it with me on my budget-airline-weight-conscious travels. It definitely is much better than an itty-bitty iTouch which I usually take with me on my travels.

That reminds me when I was at the HotSpot zone of my hotel lobby in Berlin, sitting alongside a couple of backpackers and some high school or college students. There I was with a little iTouch when everyone else was sitting comfortably with their laptops. This new iPad  will definitely ease the strain on my eyes, plus the bigger keyboard will save me so much time — I always seem to miss a letter or two when typing in passwords on the iTouch, it’s unbelievable.

So I’ve already set up my new toy and downloaded some photos for my portfolio. I’m also glad that they have apps for Flickr, SmugMug, WordPress, iDisk — all of which I use and are just very convenient to have at a click of an icon.

Happy camper here!

A great way to show off one's portfolio.


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  1. Being the mom of four “children” who are iPhone addicts, and a vintage iPhone owner myself (yes, we have the family plan), I was surprised when my daughter said she couldn’t understand the draw of the iPad. My son added that he had been in the Apple store and overheard one couple commenting to a prospective iPad purchaser that it was a waste of money and they’d returned theirs. So, I started doing some research online to see for myself what the “draw” was. The iPad, it seems, has broken new ground. Not just because of its portability, but because, even to the surprise of the Apple folks, it is turning this “isolated” generation all sitting with their individual laptops (like you mentioned), into social creatures again. Not the social networking creatures that they already have become, but face-to-face…..no, face-to-face WITH iPad creatures. The iPad is becoming the tool that is bringing people back together because of its ability to be interactive. No more fighting over who controls the mouse! Multiple users can interact on an iPad! You mentioned your portfolio….Well, this article talked about an artist (painter) who walked the streets of a metropolitan city, displaying his paintings as a slide show on his iPad. He was drawing (no pun intended) quite a crowd. So, Yen, congratulations on your new iPad. It seems it’s the perfect tool for you!

    • I couldn’t have said it any better, Susan. You’ve articulated this so well. And by the way, I’ve just purchased the Macbook Pro yesterday and have just written about it. ‘Will publish the post soon as I take a photo to go with it.

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