Not in Europe Anymore, For Now

[…Herndon, Virginia, 9:30 a.m…]

‘Left Germany yesterday in a sweater-weather of mid 60-degrees to arrive to a hot and humid mid 90-degrees here in Washington, D.C. It’s nice to be back here, but it definitely “isn’t Kansas anymore.”

Typical hot summer weather. Bright blue skies with those delicious Simpsons’ clouds I always yearn for. Watch that all change now that I just said/jinxed it. I was just looking at Germany’s weather this morning and found out that the elusive sun seems to be out shining while I’m not there, and it seems like it will continue to shine for the rest of the week, so annoyingly so. Story of a photographer’s life.

No photography-related plans as of yet, just enjoying being back here and seeing family while in the meantime nursing a jetlag. There’s a 6-hour difference between here and Germany and it shouldn’t be too bad although I was wide awake at 3 this morning playing Klondike in bed on my iPad, surfing the Net, and thinking of the people I know from the ‘other side’ who are already enjoying their regular morning.

Among the big differences that are apparent between Europe and the States other than time difference is the wide open spaces which seem to be easily filled by endless shopping centers within a block radius. So I really can’t see any escaping that activity – shopping, that is – unless a big catastrophe comes up and closes all the stores down. That said, I guess photography will have to compete with this activity on this trip, but hopefully not completely neglected.

Speaking of shopping, I was just about to order my Macbook Pro online last night and have it shipped here overnight only to find out that the Apple website only offers 2-3 days as the fastest shipping option. There’s a newly-opened Apple store in the town center not too far from here, so maybe I’d check there first and save on the shipping cost at least. I had been planning to get one but couldn’t find one available back home. I even brought my CS4 software with me so I could download and sample it soon as I finally get the laptop. All that’s on hold for now and should be on the to-do list for this vacation.

Unlike my European trips, I had not really sketched out a photography itinerary, neither have I done any research on photoshoot locations. This will be more of a laidback trip, and only shoot as the opportunity presents itself. That said, I still hope to bring home something to add to the portfolio which I can also be proud of.

I can scratch this off my All-American to-do and to-eat list: my favorite iHop's Swedish pancakes (wait a minute, that still sounds European to me) with lingonberries minus the butter, and bottomless pot of coffee. Definitely can't have that in Germany. Bon Appetit!


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  1. LOL! You are right, you probably jinxed it! It always happens! I remember my daughter complaining about it being unseasonably warm in Germany this past winter, and just as soon as she said that, they were hit with a hard winter! When she started complaining about the wet, cold spring, I told her to watch her words! “Be careful what you wish for!” Last time I talked to her, she said they were bringing out the fans, opening all the windows, because it was “getting hot” and there were no air conditioners!

    Enjoy that bottomless pot of coffee, because I don’t think you can get anything “bottomless” in Europe….except maybe on some beaches!

    Looking forward to your photos! (No pressure.)

    • Hi Susan. Rain was actually in the forecast for today, but so far I have not seen a drop. Of course, I’m not out taking photos yet. Rain usually comes during blue hour ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Regarding your message on Flickr, please be my guest and be my “groupie”, start a club if you want to, lol. Let’s see if we can come up with more than a couple of fans. I doubt it though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i haven’t been to IHOP in a long time and didn’t know they served Swedish pancakes. There is a new IKEA store in Santo Domingo where I can buy lingonberries. So now i can have Swedish pancakes with lingonberries whenever I ask my wife to make them. Do you have IKEA in Germany? Hope you enjoy your USA vacation.

    • Bill, those lingonberries from IKEA are my favorite, they’re really good. They usually serve them with their famous meatballs. Yes, we have IKEA in Germany, closest one is about 40-minute drive from home.

      I recommend you try your pancakes with the lingonberries. I’m sure your wife will love them as well.

      I’m glad to see you here, Bill!

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