Getting Sick on Vacation = Not Fun

Late afternoon sun and long shadows at the Virginia Beach fishing pier.

[…Virginia Beach, VA…]

Temperatures have dropped to at least 7 degrees cooler in the past 2 days, so much better than the low to mid-90’s temperature that welcomed us in Virginia on Monday. There were passing thunderstorms a couple of nights ago and I think that’s responsible for the unbelievably gorgeous sunset we had here last night. I was at the mall in Chesapeake finishing up some shopping on the upper level, and through the glass dome, I saw a lovely spectrum of pinks and purples and some yellows on the west where the sun had just been. I don’t see a lot of beautiful sunsets in Germany so it’s nice to witness some in this part of the world.

The day before, I had hoped for a sunset photoshoot at a lighthouse in the area. Getting there just in time for magic hour, with the wind behind my back, dark ominous clouds hovering over me, a composition where I could not find a good subject to go with, I packed up even before the sun sunk into the horizon. Moments later while driving down Interstate 64, the rain fell, thumping on the rooftop of our ugly pumpkin-colored rental. That definitely sucked out all the inspiration I had carefully gathered and nurtured in the last few days. So now, it’s safe to say that I am in a bit of photographic rut; my camera’s been with me constantly but has not been turned on for a creative cause.

So far it’s been a relaxing vacation despite the fact that I had made 2 trips to the ER in less than 2 weeks. Nothing life-threatening, but getting sick on vacation is never fun, especially if you have to wait 4 hours at the hospital, a good part of which is confined to a tiny room, sitting on white sterile sheets and staring at boxes of gauze sponges and nitrile latex gloves, having to inhale the smell of disinfectants, and listening to hard shoes squeak down the corridors outside. If I had my camera on me, I might have been tempted to take photos of medical instruments that hung haphazardly on the paint-chipped wall behind me. That’s how excruciatingly bored I was.

This experience is still much better than the last when we spent 5 days of vacation time going back and forth to different DMV offices trying to renew our US driver’s license. That was just too painful to bear – having to deal with the bureaucracy, not to mention all that waiting in line. When I finally got my new Virginia license, my new picture clearly showed the agony on my face.

I’m feeling better now and eagerly anticipating family who will be coming in from other parts of the country in the next day or so. With a family of artists and photographers who share the same interest as me, there’s much to be excited for. This afternoon I had enjoyed discussing catadioptric lenses and donut bokeh, and ancient Nikkor Kongaku lenses. With photography arsenal all sprawled out on the floor, we switched and compared lenses on the Nikon F5 and the D700 and marveled at the evolution that spanned almost 2 decades. The make and model of cameras change so rapidly, it’s just unbelievable.

Photography is certainly a language only those passionate about it can speak and understand.

Chesapeake Bay blue crabs. The Chesapeake Bay, located in Maryland and Virginia, is famous for its blue crabs, and they are one of the most important economic items harvested from it. They are just as delicious as they look.


2 responses

  1. Hi Yen!
    First of all, I wish you a speedy recovery! i hope you are better now, and strong enough to go out there and take lots of pics on the Chesapeake Bay…! I was told it is gorgeous!
    wishing you the best,

    PS: by the way, what you said it’s absolutely true: “Photography is certainly a language only those passionate about it can speak and understand.”

    • Hi Jude, ‘feeling better now, thanks! I didn’t take photos of the bay, but I figure the crabs represent. 🙂
      Nice to hear from you. Anything new on your website?

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