This will be the last time I get to see (and hear) this German cow bell hanging on the front door of this house. But no worries, she's coming with me to make noises in the next house.

[…Home, Germany…]

The sound of packaging tape ripping. Sharp blades scraping through corrugated boxes. The faint squish of bubble wrap. Sharpies squeaking on cardboard. That is the poignant sound of moving.

The movers came right on schedule, stepping into the house with an air confidence, ready to take on the job. They have yet to discover for themselves that inside my unassuming cabinets are  lots of fragile ornaments, glassware, dishes, and knick-knacks that will cost them more time. I certainly don’t want to be in their shoes right now. I am merely sitting in front of a muted television occasionally watching them, while listening to  a selection of old music circa ’70s mixed with more recent renditions. Gradually, the boxes start to pile up and the space around the house become tighter.

I am heading on another trip again, this time staying much longer. Where am I going? I’m moving down to the UK. If anything, I am excited about the photographic opportunities that await me and the varied landscape and atmosphere it has to offer. I will probably see the same gloomy skies we have here in Germany, or even worse or so I’ve heard.

I think I’ve covered Germany well enough photographically and couldn’t be any happier with this place where I’ve started and harnessed my skills. And I have thousands of photographs to remind me of it.

So until the day gets darker and the house becomes emptier, I will enjoy my remaining time here and watch a new life unfold in the days to come.


3 responses

  1. Wishing you well on your move. Hopefully not too many things will get damaged or lost. When we moved from Vancouver to Calgary, the movers somehow lost a couple of boxes. Still not sure how they did that. I hate moving, but it’s a great time to purge things to lighten the load, so to speak.

  2. That time has finally arrived for you! I hate moving – not the geographical location, but the packing and unpacking. I guess that’s because I had bad experiences with our last movers. Make sure you check every box and that they are insured! As a little girl growing up in a military household and moving every 2 years, movers were ever-present in my life. At that time, I hated the moving – NOT the packing and unpacking – because the movers did that, but it was the geographical location I usually hated to leave. Where you are going, the skies ARE gloomy much of the year from my past experience there. But the culture is rich, the photography opportunites aplenty. I can’t wait to see it from behind your lens!

  3. Hi yen !
    I do wish you a wonderful time in England. I am sure the good light will follow you wherever you go! London next time? it does not matter the place, you will make of it a perfect place to put your tripod and shooooooot!

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