Glimpse of a Rainbow in Cambridge

Just a random image during a visit to the university town of Cambridge. I had hoped to do twilight shots and had spent a couple of hours walking around trying to find a nice location but came out empty-handed. Not that Cambridge was not a lovely place, but the streets are narrow and crowded, some of the bridges along the canals are only accessible by punts and are situated within college grounds which close by sundown.

This shot was taken on the way back to the parking garage after a frustrating and unproductive walk. It had just started to drizzle a little bit just before an amazing sunset showed up in the sky. Too bad I did not have a good subject to shoot the colorful sky with, but I did try very, very hard. There was just nothing that I found interesting enough, lit up, or that was accessible for me.

In the meantime, while I’m still homeless and trying to get settled here, photographs might be few and far between.

Red punts and a rainbow in the river Cam. What started out as a full rainbow turned out to be a partial arc by the time I found a worthy spot. I did not have time to set up the tripod as the clouds were rolling in fast, so this was shot hand-held at high ISO (1600), f/ 5.6 at 1/100 seconds.


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