The Last Bit of Autumn in England

Perhaps I’m a bit late posting images of fall. In fact, many of the trees here are almost bare. It’s not surprising at all how it’s been raining here, and for that reason, I could not gauge when, or if at all, the trees are going to change colors before they lose all their leaves. Hopefully, I have better luck next year. In the meantime, here’s something to add a bit of the fading season to this page.

I found these red maple tree on the gardens of St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, the first one I've seen here in England. These trees are abundant in Japan, and I remember how colorful autumn was when I lived there.

On the grounds of King's College in Cambridge.

Another gloomy autumn day here in England. This is the prestigious King's College of the University of Cambridge. Famous alumni of King's College include prime ministers, archbishops, presidents, the novelist E.M. Forster, and author Salman Rushdie.


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  1. Yen, I’m at a loss for words…These photos are stunning! You should be working for National Geographic or Traveler magazine. Just remember all of amateurs when you become a household name in photography!

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