The Colors of Copenhagen

Thought I’d get out of the cold for a little bit and bask under blue skies and warm sunshine.

I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful Danish capital a few months ago, and had written about this trip while on the road : Copenhagen Day 1 / Copenhagen Day 2. I also expressed my big disappointment about not being able to see the famous Den Lille Havfrue, better known as the Little Mermaid. She happened to be on tour in Shanghai for the 2010 Expo.

So I thought this would be a good time to post additional photos of this city as I did not post many right after my trip. Truth be told, I just got done processing these photos. Most of you know that I don’t often shoot during the day, and when I do, I don’t often pay much attention to it. It’s often left in the back-burner of my archives craving for some attention. Well, that attention is way overdue. I am surprised that I still have some of these gems hiding among my files and it’s a nice discovery – I kind of liked them! Not bad for day photos, I think.

Ah, the famous Nyhaven harbour, photographed and visited by many. These beautiful colorful buildings by the harbour actually look more vibrant in the daytime. But who says you can

I was almost attacked by giant swans here at the grounds of the Rosenborg Palace. The swans claimed territory at the edge of the moat, so I kept my distance. I was happy about the sun coming out on my second day here; it was rainy and miserable the day I arrived. Rosenborg Palace was built in the 17th century in the Dutch renaissance style and was used as a royal residence for some time.

View of the city from the Rundetaarn or the Round Tower observatory. Copenhagen is also referred to as the city of spires - its horizontal skyline only broken by many spires from castles and churches. Hard to see in this small image, but I counted 7 spires from this view. The spire of Christiansborg Palace takes centerstage here.

A blue-hour image of the Borsen, which is probably one of the most beautiful stock exchange buildings in the world. You can tell how windy it was that night from the direction of the reflections. Scandinavian countries have long blue hours, but it did not do me much good here in Copenhagen because most of the landmarks I visited turned their lights off early. Copenhagen is one of the most environmental and energy-conscious cities in the world.

St. Alban

*These images are available for licensing. Contact me if interested. DO NOT USE without permission.


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