The Best of 2010 – Bridges

As the year is drawing to a close, I thought I’d put together a short list of what I consider my  most memorable shots of the year. The selection is based on both viewer feedback and my own attachment to a particular shot. For behind each photograph is a story to tell, a little something for me to remember them by, and some have proven to be more memorable than others. If you have not followed my work on Flickr, this is a good sampling of my work.

I’ve decided to categorize them into such : (1) REFLECTIONS (2) BRIDGES (3) FOUNTAINS (4) LIGHT TRAILS and  (5) MY PERSONAL FAVORITES.


Where there’s a body of water, there’s usually a bridge somewhere. And in Europe there is a plethora of beautiful bridges, all filled with rich history and character. There are big-city modern bridges and small-town old-fashioned bridges. The bridge list is endless – suspension bridge, cable-stayed bridge, drawbridge, pedestrian footbridge, even bridges with built-in houses, shops, and a city hall.

Here are my Top Ten Most Memorable Bridges of this year.

MAINZ, GERMANY - Theodor Heuss Bridge. I had to visit this location a second time because I ran out of light the first time before I could go under the bridge. The second time I went, the river level was high so I can't go down. Wanting to be dead-center under the bridge so I can get all 4 starbursts in, I had to squeeze myself and my tripod in between a tiny spot in front of a car parked behind me and the edge of the embankment. I barely managed without falling off, but I got my shot.

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY - Carl Theodor Bridge. Dead of winter in Heidelberg early this year and snow was falling. It was a very cold night and there were hardly any people walking around the city. In between shots, I had to wipe the front of my lens and was worried more about my camera than myself; it was barely protected from the harsh elements. It survived the night but I went ahead and bought a camera raincoat after this incident.

BRISTOL, ENGLAND - Clifton Suspension Bridge. One of my more recent shots and one of my best ones since moving to England. Another rainy day but cleared up in time for twilight.

LONDON, ENGLAND - St. Paul's Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge. Captured so many times in all possible angles by many photographers, sometimes the only way to make yours different is how you capture the light and how it's transposed into the drawing board. It's nice to come up with an original shot and although that's not always possible, I am not afraid to take on a classic shot, as I know somehow, I'll be able to put my own signature on it in the whole technical process.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Tower Bridge from St. Katharine's Docks. Another one of those popular shots and one of which a photographer has to have in his/her portfolio when visiting this city. Around this area, you have to find the spot less likely hounded by security, and I'm not sure if this is one of those spots or if I was merely lucky that night.

BAMBERG, GERMANY - Half-timbered House of the Altes Rathaus. A city hall incorporated in an old bridge - it's the iconic landmark of Bamberg. That time, the widest lens in my bag was a 24mm which was barely enough to capture this bridge from the next bridge I was on when I took this. It was a tight squeeze but I managed.

WURZBURG, GERMANY - St. Killian at the Old Bridge. Rainy morning in Wurzburg as you can see how the cobblestones glisten in the soft light. I somehow liked how the Marienburg Fortress in the back is not lit in the morning as that allowed these sculptures to take the stage.

COLOGNE, GERMANY - Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge. One can't leave this city without taking home a shot of this bridge and the famous cathedral. Actually, I think the other side of the bridge is a more popular spot which I have as well, but I liked the golden glow on the bridge and on the reflection as well.

HAMBURG, GERMANY - Speicherstadt. One of my most memorable trips this year was to Hamburg where I think I came up very productive and have squeezed out every bit of light I could from the limited timeframe of blue hour. I walked around Speicherstadt that afternoon looking for this one bridge which I could not find because of extensive construction work in all of Hafen City. I did my usual blue hour that night and finished here where there was hardly any light at all. I had to bump ISO here and opened up aperture just to get something. It was already after-hours in this largest warehouse city in the world and most of the lights had been shut off.

FRANKFURT, GERMANY - Commerzbank Building through Eisener Steg. The final spot is always the hardest but I picked Frankfurt because I've spent more time shooting there than any other city in Germany. As I have many photos of Frankfurt, it was hard to choose one, but I like this one because it's not a popular vantage point and the green light of this iron footbridge glow nicely on this shot.

*These images are available for licensing. Contact me if interested. DO NOT USE without permission.


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