The Best of 2010 – Fountains


I think a fountain is water breathing life. And I think that fountains look their best and should be better appreciated at night when it’s lit in all its glory. It could be simple or it could be ornate , and it could be on – flowing into a basin or a pool, or it could be off and create beautiful reflections. There is indeed more than one way to look at fountains. I’m just glad they’re around.

My Top Ten Most Memorable Fountains of 2010:

WIESBADEN, GERMANY - Dual Fountains at the Kurhaus. Who would have thought a small city and an old spa town like Wiesbaden could have a gem like this? Make that dual gems! I've seen photos of these fountains, mostly day shots, and have always envisioned them at night where I know they'd shine even more. The triple-tiered fountains on an almost windless night made the water fall so gracefully.

STUTTGART, GERMANY - The Fountain at Schlossplatz. One of the best compliments I get from people is when I show them a photo I took of a place they've been to and they couldn't believe it's the same place, they make comments like, "Is that Stuttgart? I didn't know Stuttgart could look this beautiful!" I even get comments like, "How could you make a crappy town like *insert name of town here* look so beautiful!" It's not that Stuttgart's not a pretty place, but to quote one of my favorite photography quotes, "In the right light, at the right time, EVERYTHING is EXTRAORDINARY." And I truly believe that.

LONDON, ENGLAND - The Fountains of Trafalgar Square. One of the most popular fountains here in Europe has to be one of the best ones too. I actually went here to take a photo of the Christmas tree to add to my holiday scenes collection. The famous tree is an annual gift from Norway to the city of London. The day before I took this shot, protesters had attempted to burn down this tree. I was lucky I still had the chance to capture it the next day, where after they've successfully repaired and restored it, it's still standing strong.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Trafalgar Square Fountains on Armistice Day. I could not resist posting a second shot of the same fountain, this time with a different and more original take. It was by sheer chance and luck that I visited this place on Armistice Day where it was a tradition to wear poppy ribbons in honor of war veterans. The poppy ribbons and wreaths on the fountain made this shot extra special for me.

PIRMASENS, GERMANY - Ramba-Treppe or the Shoemaker's Fountain. If Wiesbaden has a gem in its dual fountains, I was even more surprised to see this in the little-known city of Pirmasens. I'd say this fountain was about the only thing that shone in this city. I'm especially proud of this shot as I've yet to see this anywhere in this kind of light.

VALENCIA, SPAIN - Turia Fountain at Plaza de la Virgen. I probably would not have had the chance to capture this fountain had I not get stranded in Valencia during the volcanic-ash frenzy. I don't think there's anything special about this shot but I thought I'd include it since it is a remarkable fountain. It is actually a celebration of the Spanish Turia river in human form, which I thought to be interesting.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Fountain at Sergels Torg. My trip to Stockholm was filled with highs and lows photographically speaking, mainly because the weather was terrible and the city lights were disappointing. I stayed in a hotel not far from the popular hang-out of Sergels Torg, and I remember having to come in and out of the rain to check if it was tolerable enough to shoot. Miracles do happen sometimes when you pray hard enough; the rains let up soon as the blues hit the sky, and amazingly enough, started again after I was done for the night.

DRESDEN, GERMANY - The Fountain at Zwinger Palace. This is one of those fountains you wished did not turn on while you're shooting it. I've seen the fountains operate during the daytime and thank goodness, they were considerate enough to stop the fountains by nightfall. The stillness of the night and the clear reflections nicely emphasized the gorgeous Baroque architecture of the palace. I could not have asked for anything more.

WASHINGTON, DC - World War II Memorial Fountains. It was not easy to take photos in this place without people; even at night, the crowd did not seem to thin out one bit. But I did not mind them being in this shot; I think they help further highlight the importance of the place and they tend to mimic the monuments standing in the back..

LONDON, ENGLAND - Tower Bridge and the Dolphin Rider Fountain. I think that one spurt of water is all it takes to give credibility to this sculpture. Fountains don't necessarily have to be grand to be appreciated.

*These images are available for licensing. Contact me if interested. DO NOT USE without permission.


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  1. “In the right light, at the right time, EVERYTHING is EXTRAORDINARY.”
    I think the other part of the equation would be that it often takes an extraordinary eye to be able to see it! The Stuttgart fountain is my fav of the bunch 🙂

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