My Favorites of 2010

As the year is drawing to a close, I thought I’d put together a short list of what I consider my  most memorable shots of the year. The selection is based on both viewer feedback and my own attachment to a particular shot. For behind each photograph is a story to tell, a little something for me to remember them by, and some have proven to be more memorable than others. If you have not followed my work on Flickr, this is a good sampling of my work.

I’ve decided to categorize them into such : (1) REFLECTIONS (2) BRIDGES (3) FOUNTAINS (4) LIGHT TRAILS and  (5) MY PERSONAL FAVORITES.

I hope you enjoyed my photographs this year and I thank you for taking the time to look at them and making my every bit of effort worthwhile by making nice comments. To my fellow photographers, I wish you lots of GOOD LIGHT this coming year.



I have no criteria for choosing my personal favorites of 2010 – it does not necessarily have to be technically or artistically appealing or both, I just simply like them for whatever reason. It could be that the selection is influenced by the memory behind it, or that the shot just felt right at the moment of capture, or a part of it could be because I received good feedback on the photo. These photos make me happy when I look at them and I hope somehow they do the same thing to you.

LYON, FRANCE - St. Jean's Cathedral and Bonaparte Bridge on the River Seine. Truth is, a perfect reflection never fails to make me happy and I always pack up for the night satisfied. The Saone river that night looked like a mirror had been laid underneath the bridge. It was a perfectly still night, something you have to see to believe.

KINDERDIJK, NETHERLANDS - Sometimes imperfection can turn on itself and surprise you with something beautiful. Out shooting before dawn at Kinderdijk on a chilly and misty morning, my filters constantly fogged up, sometimes even during exposure. This was one of those times. I liked the effect so I kept it and deepened the image a tad bit in post-processing and liked how it turned out. The nice thing about windmills is that they make great silhouettes as well.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - Typical Dutch Skyline by the canal. It takes some practice to be comfortable with a 10-stop filter; just imagine taking a picture with a black screen over your lens. In essence, you have to take the photo even before you click that shutter; it's how you prepare the camera before the shot that makes the image work. This shot did not come easy to me as you can imagine as I don't have much experience yet with the ND110. But as any other photographer would tell you, all it takes is some patience and determination and you'll be rewarded for it.

VENICE, ITALY - Lone Gondola at San Marco Pier. I have a few images of this scene to choose from and I like them all, but I chose this because I like this one gondola that was detached from the rest of the group. Captured just as the sun has sunk into the horizon, you wouldn't know from looking at this serene image that the scene in St. Mark's square behind me is of crowded chaos. There were, in fact, a few people wanting to chat with me about photography while I was busy doing my work. One thing about setting up a tripod with a big camera in the middle of a tourist spot, you always have company and you're usually the attraction.

VALENCIA, SPAIN - L' Hemispheric in the City of Arts and Sciences. Hard to say why I like this, although I think this might be one of those I like for technical reasons, plus, the beautiful city of Valencia is a big contributing factor.

FRANKFURT, GERMANY - Commerzbank Building from Main Tower. You've probably come across a shot like this somewhere, but pardon me for being biased, but I like mine the best (*wink and smile*) And to be fair, I think that's something one should say about their photos once in a while. Taken from one of Frankfurt's tallest building, the Main Tower, it was a memorably chilly evening and one of those nights you need to dance around in-between shots to keep you from shivering. I particularly like how I can see through the Commerzbank on the left, and how the rush hour traffic completes the scene.

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY - Carl Theodor Bridge. Another shot taken in the dead of winter and one of which tests a photographer's determination and cold weather tolerance. The smear from the light glare, which I did not mind at all, I think was caused by my constantly wiping the lens from falling snow. Those two people were my angels that night, appearing in my shot at the perfect moment.

LE BEAUVIOR, NORMANDY - Le Moulin de Beauvoir (The Windmill of Beauvoir). It took me several attempts to get my desired effect on this shot using an ND110, and to shoot this scene at mid-day was not easy. I don't think I would have been happy with this image without the human element, and her standing in between the famous Mont St.Michel (although a bit vague) and the windmill is just perfect.

HAMBURG, GERMANY - For a female photographer traveling alone, safety is a big issue; add to that equation a female photographer traveling alone and shooting at night. To some, perhaps it isn't an issue to go to this location, but I found it detached from the rest of the city and quite dark and isolated to be walking to at night. However, I've managed to come here three times in two days trying to get my shot, and as I have just mentioned recently, I don't like to leave my location without GETTING MY SHOT, so I made sure I did. And it surely paid off. This shot was my lucky charm this year, giving me a nice reward. It was nice to see it on print.

DRESDEN, GERMANY - Katholische Hofkirche on the Elbe Promenade. Many of my images of Dresden could easily be my favorite as I've found this favorite German city of mine truly photogenic. I don't think any photographer can do wrong shooting this city as long as it's done at the right time of day. Perhaps the reason why I chose this one other than how I love the colors is that my other shot of Dresden was taken last year and does not qualify for this year's pick.

*These images are available for licensing. Contact me if interested. DO NOT USE without permission.


6 responses

  1. Happy new year to you an dyour readers !
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of yours !
    I like them all too , but , as a “Blue” lover , I like Venice the most,
    It’s totally blue , even the gondola , and everthing seemed imersed in pure blue !!
    quite a contrast to the crowded chaos and the hustle-bustle behind you .

  2. Thanks for this successful selection of personal favorites. I can remember all the pictures – I saw them on flickr. New to me and worth reading are the comments and little stories about the making of.

  3. Yen,

    I learned about your website thru Jon (Batchmate of HAU HS81). Amsterdam looks more beautiful in your pictures than in person.

    Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.


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