Butterfly Bridge under Pastel Skies

The Butterfly bridge won in a design competition in 1995. The winning design was by C. Wilkinson & Partners (Architects) and Jan Bobrowski & Partners (Engineers) and has won national and international acclaim in a number of architectural journals.

I just returned from a short-but-sweet trip to Bilbao, Spain and will be working on my photos from there soon. In the meantime, let me share these ones from my return to the town of Bedford not too long ago.

I have not had the chance to shoot this bridge – the Butterfly bridge – the last time I visited Bedford. I was able to scout it at night and saw that it was another un-illuminated bridge. There were some floodlights on the bottom of the bridge but for some reason it did not light up. Anyway, with a little help from the sky radiating great pastel colors at dusk, I was able to capture the bridge with still some interesting light.

The bridge formally opened and named in 1998 with no other than Prince Charles himself as Bedford's distinguished guest. The bridge measures at 32 meters in span, has twin steel arches which are inclined like butterfly wings to produce a feeling of containment on the deck and, simultaneously, an openness to the sky.

The River Great Ouse seen from the boathouse.

The town of Bedford has gardens for a whole mile alongside the embankment. The river is used all the time by many different sports groups; in fact, there was a rowing club training going on this same night.


*These images are available for licensing. Contact me if interested. DO NOT USE without permission.


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  2. Love the colours. Great shot of the bridge, but I found the one with interesting trees quite facinating in form. Looks like a fabulous place to row. It brings back memories of early morning(even though I know these are evening shots) rows at LaSalle Rowing Club where I use to row.

    • Hi Rex, I can just imagine the training you had. The rowers I saw that night were still at it even when it got really dark. Seems like good exercise though!

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