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My photograph as a night light -

While I’m still working on my photos from Manchester, let me, in the meantime, share with you what I got in the mail yesterday.

The first one is a night light of my photo of Hallstatt, Austria. Sometime last month, the folks over at Night Light Designs who are based in Illinois, bought this image to use in their night lights. They have some really cool designs over there, so check it out. The company sent me 2 night lights, but unfortunately, the plug has U.S. specifications so I can’t use it here in the U.K. I plugged it on a transformer just to see how it looks, and it looks really nice.

Incidentally, that same photograph of Hallstatt, is one of the 6 finalists in the National Geographic Exceptional Experiences Photo Contest. The finalists were chosen by the folks at NatGeo but the winner will be determined by public voting which will start on the 10th of February. So as early as today, I am humbly asking for a vote from you — it will really mean a lot to me. The photo is titled, “Rainy day in Hallstatt.” And don’t worry, I am going to remind you when the voting starts, which will be in exactly 9 days! πŸ™‚

The second photo is my business cards which I’ve ordered from Moo cards. This is the second batch I’ve ordered from them – they’re inexpensive and fun, and the best part is you can customize them with your own images, which is what I’ve done here. I also got the Mini Moo Cards to complement these — you can never have too much self-promotion. πŸ˜‰

I also ordered some prints from my photo lab, seen on third photo. I haven’t really printed a lot of my photos, so it’s nice to see what they look like on paper versus what I always see on the Web. They turned out pretty good, but I have yet to compare them to another lab which I’m still waiting in the mail. Prints of my photographs will be available soon on my website.

And finally, also in my mail, were copies of greeting cards that were sent to me by a German company who licensed my photo of Stuttgart – The Fountain at Schlossplatz last December.

That’s just a quick update on my photography for now. I’ll now leave you with these and go back to my Manchester files which will be up for viewing soon.

My business cards from

Prints of my photos


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  1. Congratulations ! I will tell my friends to vote for you on Feb 10th ! we love your photos so much , we want more and more people to share with these most magnificent photos and being touched as well ! God created these beautiful places , you make them visible for people not being able to visit them .

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