Dawn in Salford Quays

I was still able to catch some morning blues when I stepped out in the morning. Shot facing southward, the sun was just warming up and a sliver of a moon was soon to disappear. A rowing team showed up for training and for a moment there, that got me worried about my reflections. Luckily, they went the other way.

The hotel I stayed at in Salford was right on the quay, and the window leading to the room even overlooks the Lowry footbridge and the Manchester Ship Canal. So getting up to shoot for sunrise was as easy as stepping out the front door.

We have been blessed with beautiful weather the past weekend, it’s almost surreal. I can not remember the last time I’ve experienced a day where it was sunny and clear through and through. It will almost be like sin if you did not get up for sunrise and capture what seems to be a very infrequent occurrence in this country nowadays.

For me, it’s so refreshing to see these soft pink and purple colors onscreen. I guess I’ve been so used to seeing nothing but blues that I think my eyes have been partial to that color. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone for these pastel-colored tones, but I think they turned out alright.

A quick reminder, voting will commence on the National Geographic Photo Contest soon! I see on their website that they changed the voting date from February 10 to mid-February, so I’ll be sure to let you know when the actual date is. Hopefully, we all vote for ME! 🙂

How dramatically sky colors change between twilight and sunrise, and depending on what direction you're facing, you'll get different hues as well. This was taken 20 minutes later looking northwest to the new footbridge and a building from the MediaCityUK. I don't know what the name of this bridge is, but it's soon to open this year. There were quite a few nice bridges in Salford/Manchester area, I was thrilled!

This bridge - the Lowry Lift Bridge, also called the Millennium Bridge, is probably the most photographed of all the bridges here, so it was hard to find a more unique composition. Right underneath it, through this vantage point, can be seen the Imperial War Museum.

The Imperial War Museum North, an inspired concept of Daniel Libeskind who also designed the adjoining Lowry Lift Bridge opened in 2002. It is expected to draw 400K visitors a year.

From the street behind the Lowry Lift Bridge and the War Museum, you'll find the MediaCityUk and a throng of luxury apartments like these ones. The NV buildings face southward overlooking the Lowry Center and the Imperial War Museum. I like how the golden sunrise reflected nicely on the all-glass exterior. The red-and-blue Detroit bridge can be seen on the right. And yes, that's ice on the water; it was quite chilly that morning.

Walking further down to the Detroit Bridge, there are more luxury apartments - these ones are the Victoria Harbour (left, bathed in early morning glow) and the Anchorage apartments (in the dark up ahead) at the head of the Erie basin.

The Lowry Lift Bridge may be the most popular out of all the Salford bridges but the Detroit bridge was my favorite. This bright red and blue structure was very photogenic.

*These images are available for licensing. Contact me if interested. DO NOT USE without permission.


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  1. The colors in these are incredible Yen! I love that canoer in the first one! I think the one with the luxury apartments is my favorite, all the details are great! Keep me posted on the voting, I’ll make sure to stop by!

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