Salford Blues

Sunset in Salford Quays, with the new footbridge and part of the new and developing MediaCity UK. I can't ask for a better light than this and the winds were good to me that night. It was definitely one of those fulfilling shoots where the conditions were all perfect, and you pack up for the night smiling.

I’ve shown you its softer side, but I still prefer the Salford Quays in blue.

I'm a sucker for still waters and you can't get more still than this! This is a residential complex in Salford Quays at the head of the Erie Basin. I'm fascinated by the patterns of red and blues here with that one white building breaking it nicely in the center. I also like how you can see traces of sunset colors in the Anchorage Buildings on the right.

Shot from the Detroit Bridge, two of the 3 NV Towers are seen here on the right. Sunset was just making its way behind the new bridge up ahead.

It's always nice to shoot a bridge and have someone just appear in the nick of time to complete the scene. The only problem with that is most bridges move or sway with some foot traffic, and that's not good with long exposure. Luckily I got this one on a good time.

Just another angle of Salford's most photographed bridge - the Lowry Lift Bridge, with some remaining blues deep into twilight.

The Lowry Theater, which is part of the Lowry Center complex which also includes a shopping mall, can be found just on the steps of the Lowry Lift Bridge. Its colorful lights are so photographic I think, that even if I left it to be the last thing to shoot that night, I was lucky to still be able to get some good light.

Salford Quays' Lowry Lift Bridge

[ Just a friendly reminder : These images are not free for the taking. DO NOT use without permission. Should you be interested in licensing any of my photos, you can contact me. ]


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