Cochem on the Mosel

Reflections of Cochem Castle on the Mosel river. I have a similar reflection shot posted on Flickr a while back although this one was taken at river level, while the other one was on the bridge. I would have preferred more lighting on the houses on the left, but surely, the bright red light on the castle makes up for it. The river Mosel is a windy river, snaking its way from France until it meets the Rhine in Germany.

I was fiddling around with older photos and found quite a few that needed some attention.

While living in Germany, one of my favorite cities was Cochem. It’s most famous for its Imperial castle – the Reichsburg Cochem – which dates back as early as the 1100’s and has its history of ruins and restoration. Set on the Mosel river, it makes for a really romantic scene and depicts a classic German scene of picturesque castletown. This is the part of Germany that I miss right now.

The castle upclose, using my 70-200mm lens. The grounds around the castle are abound with vineyards making Cochem a major wine-producing region. As you can see here, the vineyards are built on very steep sides of the valley and mountain which were earlier formed by the river.

Taken on the bridge, where down below is one of the riverside German restaurants. Maybe a little too busy on composition for my taste, but I still like the depth of this shot, and kind of gives more perspective to this quaint city.

*These images are available for licensing. Contact me if interested. DO NOT USE without permission.


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