Rainy Night in Hallstatt takes Grand Prize

A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to vote, and to those who were not eligible to vote but helped spread the word, cheered me on and supported me in however way they can. Those votes were definitely hard-earned, and I can’t stress that enough. Most of it came from people I don’t even know and spurred on by genuine friends and family who believed that this was so important to me, enough for them not to ignore or consider trivial.

Personal joys do not always have to be private. Hope this flicker of good news from my little corner of the world bring some good cheer to you as well.

Grand Prize Winner – National Geographic Exceptional Experiences Photo Contest


28 responses

  1. I knew you’d win 😉
    My 8 X 12 came in the mail a few days ago too btw, and looks great with the frame I had in mind.

  2. to the best photographer! Yen I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!! WHAT A GORGEOUS SURPRISE!!!!!! i think that winning a prize by the National Geographic is top for a photographer!!!!! oh, God!!!!! I am happy for you! and now i can imagine what you are going to do in Peru!!!!! I have been there…. you’ll love it!!!!
    YEN, a big hug and congratulations again and again!!!!

  3. Hi,
    congratulations! I want to post something about you winning that Nat Geo photography grand prize in my blog.

    You are an inspiration!

  4. hello yen baet i really love your photos, how ru? last 2days ago i have seen you in mla.news. and im so proud of you bout your achievement congrats!!! as of now im here in al-bashra iraq oilfield we are in ship provider, advance happy holidays ! pls! reply to my email add. thanks!!! take care!

  5. In my website I had posted that your Photo entry was chosen to be in the 6 top finalist. of this photo contest I think this was able to gain vote as I also popsted in my Facebook accout that encourage Fil-Ams to vote online so this is the Link hope you like my blog about this.

    Congratulation and Proudly Pinoy Mabuhay !!!
    hope you have more achievements.

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  7. we should be really proud of you. as expected.. great jobs earns great prize! congrats yen.. congrats yen! continue to inspire us..

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