Cochem on the Mosel

Reflections of Cochem Castle on the Mosel river. I have a similar reflection shot posted on Flickr a while back although this one was taken at river level, while the other one was on the bridge. I would have preferred more lighting on the houses on the left, but surely, the bright red light on the castle makes up for it. The river Mosel is a windy river, snaking its way from France until it meets the Rhine in Germany.

I was fiddling around with older photos and found quite a few that needed some attention.

While living in Germany, one of my favorite cities was Cochem. It’s most famous for its Imperial castle – the Reichsburg Cochem – which dates back as early as the 1100’s and has its history of ruins and restoration. Set on the Mosel river, it makes for a really romantic scene and depicts a classic German scene of picturesque castletown. This is the part of Germany that I miss right now. […See more photos here!…]

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