Piran – The Tiny Jewel of the Adriatic Sea

[…Piran, Slovenia September 2011…]

What better way to spend your early morning than to climb up the hill over the red rooftops and watch the first sunlight touch the face of St. George's church, then gradually embrace the town in a nice, soft and warm light.


Boris picked me up at the airport in Trieste just before 4 pm. I had arranged for a car service knowing that I wouldn’t have made the 3:00 bus to Piran and needed the quickest way to get there before sunset.

It was only 24 miles (40 kms) away, driving along the coastal route, first passing the Gulf of Trieste in Italy then the Adriatic sea as we cross the border of Slovenia. As we pass different towns along the way – Koper, Izola, and smaller towns – I see the same campanile over and over again just like the famous one in San Marco of Venice. The landscape did not change much and had it not been for the border crossing sign, I wouldn’t have guessed where Italy had stopped.
[…Read more about Piran…]


Salford Blues

Sunset in Salford Quays, with the new footbridge and part of the new and developing MediaCity UK. I can't ask for a better light than this and the winds were good to me that night. It was definitely one of those fulfilling shoots where the conditions were all perfect, and you pack up for the night smiling.

I’ve shown you its softer side, but I still prefer the Salford Quays in blue. […See more photos here!…]

In My Mail

My photograph as a night light - nightlightdesigns.com

While I’m still working on my photos from Manchester, let me, in the meantime, share with you what I got in the mail yesterday.

The first one is a night light of my photo of Hallstatt, Austria. Sometime last month, the folks over at Night Light Designs who are based in Illinois, bought this image to use in their night lights. They have some really cool designs over there, so check it out. The company sent me 2 night lights, but unfortunately, the plug has U.S. specifications so I can’t use it here in the U.K. I plugged it on a transformer just to see how it looks, and it looks really nice. […See more here!…]

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